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PlinTroNics is committed to manufacturing and delivering defect-free PCBs to manufacturing industries by continually upgrading its services, process capabilities and product range. PlinTroNics listens to its customers in order to mutually develop strategies that achieve innovative and market leading products. Our commitment to technology, quality, service and aggressive pricing assures long-term partnerships that exceed our customer expectations.


The company believes that this is indeed a great initiative by the Indian government, since the economy can prosper only when there are sufficient manufacturing activities taking place.

So far, the facilities set up by different companies in India have been very encouraging, and the company truly hopes that this momentum will continue to grow with a focus on capability rather than capacity.

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Our vision for PlinTroNics is to be a Reliable, Quality, Medium Volume Manufacturer, Exporter, “Pleasing Customers 100 %” in the Complex High Count Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards.


Our Mission for PlinTroNics is to be a Performance Driven, Reliable, Continuously Improving, High Quality, Medium Volume independent manufacturer, exporter” Pleasing customer 100%” in the complex High Count Multilayer PCB. To have a manufacturing base in each of the major market served by the company.


To complete in the world markets by continuously improving capability to handle higher PCB complexity (thinner lines & smaller holes) and gear up for smaller lot sizes and shorter lead times and border range of materials & finishes all at a continuously reducing selling price.


PlinTroNics Technology commits itself to manufacturing & deliver defect free PCB’s to industries by continually upgrading the services, process capability, product range & with a constant customer focus we will achieve customer satisfaction. Comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.


Our goal is to achieve flawless quality and provide reliable on-time delivery for every order we receive, so our customers can prosper without inconvenient delays or unwanted setbacks.


When it comes to inventory, products, or equipment, what more does your company need to better satisfy your customers? How can we help you optimize your business?


Upon receipt of your inquiry or order, we will offer a deeply detailed description of each desired product, so all components may be carefully selected before tackling the assembly aspect.

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