Components Sourcing

PlinTroNics is your best partner to source components for your applications.
We support you throughout the whole supply chain: quality requirement review, parts selection and procurement, physical analysis,
radiation, temperature & vibration testing and storage.


Our Guarantee

  • No inappropriate part crosses;
  • No counterfeit or grey-market parts;
  • No unauthorized part substitutions;
  • No added expenses for wasted time and materials;
  • Can ensure all of components are original.
PCB Printed Cuircit Board Component OutSourcing PlinTroNics Technology

Our Purchasing System

PlinTroNics has a mature and effective components procurement systems, serve the turn-key of PCB assembly with low cost, has a professional team responsible for our customer's PCB components procurement and parts management. Follow the system and organized PCB parts procurement process, we solve the whole process of procurement components and materials, and manage the supply chain Electronic parts will be purchased as per the customer designated suppliers and manufacturers. Without your approval, will not use any alternative material.


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