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PCB Design Layout Manufacturing Services

PCB Design in Cuttack

Our PCB designers are accomplished users of CAD tools with an in-depth knowledge of PCB design. We have a vast experience of designing PCB layouts for BGA, FPAGA, Arm/Micro processors, SMT and THT, Analog and Digital circuits, Split Power Planes, Blind/Buried vias, Controlled Impedance. DFM and layer count minimizing according to the customer’s requirement are also, among our areas of expertise.

We are specialized in best PCB (Printed circuit board) design with high speed frequency multilayer company in Cuttack. PlinTroNics machine provide low cost electronics manufacturing services (EMS), contact us for price for Gerber, MCPCB, SMT, PCBA to get your cheap quote also you can make your own prototype custom layout. Top supplier companies and works with expert engineer, you can order your design online in Cuttack.

PCB Fabrication Layout Manufacturing Services

PCB Fabrication in Cuttack

We have been actively serving Aerospace, Defense Application, Automotive, Railways, Metering, Medical, Industrial Electronics and Telecom,Design, R&D Markets, Educational Institutions for PCBs up to 24 layers.

We have a single-minded approach towards continued development. We, therefore, invest, regularly to meet the ever-increasing technological demands of our customers. PCB fabrication can build multi-layer fab which includes 4 layer, 6 layer and 10 layer printed circuit board with prototype and rigid flex in Cuttack. We manufacture high-quality boards that are reliable and cost-effective. We have an array of different materials and technology options that you can choose from. Contact us today for FAB manufacture in Cuttack.

PCB Assembly Layout Manufacturing Services

PCB Assembly in Cuttack

PCB Assembly is one of the most challenging steps of Electronics Product Design. We have a state of the art setup at our manufacturing facility to provide a reliable and cost effect PCB Assembly. We offer Turnkey Assembly, Consigned Assembly & Partially Consigned Assembly.

Turn Key Assembly – We will source all the components (Active, Passive, Electrochemical, Connectors & Cables etc.) and assemble the boards. The key advantage of this service is that it will eliminate miscommunication between multiple vendors. PlinTroNics provide low volume small scale PCB assembly manufacture services in Cuttack. Our components assemble includes prototype, turnkey, jlcpcb, pcbway, box build, smt pcb, quick turn, through hole with printed wiring assembly machine in Cuttack.

PCB Circuit Component Sourcing Manufacturing Services

PCB Components in Cuttack

We can source your Bill of Material so that you don’t have to worry about checking and comparing with multiple sources. We work with all major global distributors like RS Components, Digikey, Mouser, Element 14, Arrow etc. so we can deliver reliability and traceability to your door.

We can procure your components accurately if your Bill of Material has the following characteristics – Completeness, Consistency, and Correctness. Buy circuit board pcb components of jlcpcb, smt, terminal block, soldering, smd pcb with single and double sided pcb companies in Cuttack. Order electronic material through hole smd board pcb with dc to ac converter circuit breadboard power supply and terminal block connector in Cuttack.

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